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Lasbxd's GM application .

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Lasbxd's GM application .

Post by lasbxd on Tue Jun 12, 2018 11:05 pm

Name : Héctor del Carpio
IGN: Anra
Position Applying for: Game Master
Age: 22
Email: hector.delcs@gmail. com
• Your education or diplomas (baccalaureate, university, etc.)
College student

• How active are you in the game and in the forums?
I enter the game every day in the evenings and early mornings, in the forum on weekends.

• Why do you want to be part of the M2O Gaming Network, the Gunz staff?
I love the game, especially this server because it is very nostalgic has that classic style that I like.

• What will it contribute to M2O Gaming and help improve the community?
In everything I can help I will do it and I am open to learn new things and also attract Spanish speaking players.

• Do you know Adobe Photoshop CS5, Blender, C ++, Basic animations?
I know the basics of Adobe Photoshop and I'm learning C ++

• Can you work with the Microsoft SQL 2008 database?
Do not

• Can you prevent hackers from hacking?
I think the best way to avoid hackers is to be a fun server and that's what I am for, to make players have a fun time.
• Do you know how to edit the MRS Compilation / Decompilation?

• Can you edit values ​​in the Hex workshop?

• Why should we hire him to be an accepted applicant?
I think it should be accepted because I can capture more Spanish-speaking players and administrators will need help with this. Also because I am very active and I like to converse with the players, I have made several friends on this server and besides that I have a lot of creativity and I think this could help when it comes to making fun events.

• Your language programming and coding skills on a 1/10 scale:
-Includes sample of your work
I could only make a simulator of a very basic ATM.

• List other languages ​​you speak besides English.
Spanish (advanced)
Portuguese (basic)
French (advanced)
Italian (basic)

• Do you advertise videos?
I have not published videos, but I would like to do so over time.
• Do you own a YouTube channel?
Yes, but I do not use it more than to watch videos.

• Are you mature?
I consider myself a mature person, but when there are funny moments I have fun with everyone, I think there is a moment for everything.

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