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Miya's GM Application

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Miya's GM Application

Post by Miya on Mon Apr 10, 2017 10:03 am

GM Application <3
Name : Miya
IGN: Miya
Position Applying for: GameMaster
Age: 26
Experience: ex- Moderator of Leaguecraft, and held multiple positions as GM on Maplestory Pservers.

• Your education or diplomas (graduated high-school,college,etc)
36 College Credits focusing on General Education and Psychology

• How active are you in game and forums?
Been pretty active in game when I'm off work. Considering putting even more dedicated hours to this server and community experience.

• Why do you want to be a part of Monk Gunz staff?
The help would be useful, and I am a passionate person when it comes to community and positivity. I bring positivity and building relationships with the community. STAY POSITIVE~

• What will you bring to Monk GunZ and help improve community?
I bring potentiality and possible PR exposure if I become attached to something. I network a lot and could potentially bring more clarity and eyes to the wonderful world that is GunZ

• Do you know basic Adobe Photoshop CS5, Blender, C++, Animations?
Dabbled in this a lot back in the day, for the purpose of modding my own GunZ files, used to make soundpacks for the community on a different P server (name not disclosed for obvious reasons).

• Can you work with Microsoft SQL 2008 database?
Probably, I frequently am on my laptop.

• Can you prevent hackers from hacking?
That depends on the method of prevention. You have modded files and hash edits, and packets, and ip / mac routing. There are multiple ways to technically "hack" or edit the experience, and I have been immersed in this understanding for my entire life.

• Do you know how to edit MRS's Compile/Decompile?
Of course, just software.

• Can you edit values in Hex workshop?

• Why should we hire you to be accepted applicant?
To be honest, my passion and love for GunZ is beyond a religion. It raised me, it taught me things, the community has taught me things, GunZ is something that I hold dear to my heart no matter what. I am passionate and want the world and community to be as passionate about what GunZ means, at least, the fundamentals of understanding the philosophical mindset of challenge challenge challenge. You are forever a student, never a master. We need to have honor and respect, and GunZ players used to have this strong code of understanding when not to TK, when not to just kick people, people actually said NICE SHOT, people complimented one another for effort and struggle put in. These goals and camaraderie are the essence of why I am a passionate individual today. I just hope others can see it the same way as I do.

• Your programming and coding languages skills on a scale 1/10:
HTML and basic reading and comprehension of functions, I have a lot of logic, so, following the small details, I can likely reach the target we are seeking.

• List other languages you speak besides english.

• Do you advertise videos?
I stream and have a youtube channel.
• Do you own Youtube channel?
Yes, and I am planning on building it into a very traffic heavy channel with a lot of content.

• Are you mature?

Honestly, I am glad and grateful that I got the chance to ever meet THE Monk. I really always idolized you, and held your virtues strong in my heart. <3
M2O GunZ Member
M2O GunZ Member

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