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January 2019

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M20 Gaming GunZ 2018, End of summer spring Festival 3vs3 GunZ Tournament!

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M20 Gaming GunZ 2018, End of summer spring Festival 3vs3 GunZ Tournament!

Post by Monk on Sun Oct 28, 2018 8:38 pm


[center]This year is the first edition of the end of spring festival tournament. During two or 3 different
matchweekends teams containing 3 players each will try and rise to the top to battle for the prizes.
We, as a staff, need your help! We want this tournament to grow each and every year up until the
point where the best teams out of the whole GunZ community will be able to determine who are the
best gunz players alive. That’s why we ask you to spread the word. Tell your old GunZ friends, family,
friend and even players on other servers and join up. The link below can be used to share across
different platforms and will lead to this very thread.

On Saturday November 17th 2018 our contenders will fight out the first two rounds between x and x. At 11/17/2018 the
clans that made it through the first rounds will fight the semi-finals, final and match for the 3rd and 4th
place. Make sure you’re entire team is online 10 minutes prior to a match. Captains will be whispered
with details.

Depending on how many teams we got, we will spread the tourny’s over 2-3 days always on a
weekend. So that will be 11/24/2018 and 12/01/2018.
We will play in weekends because, we want to make sure that every member of the team can play in
the right circumstances ( for example, If the tourney is at 18pm NA time , it would be might night for a
EU player.).


- Matches will be held at one of the following maps: Garden, Factory, Town.

- At the start of the match a coin will be tossed. The winning captain can choose at which map
they want to play. The losing captain can pick which side they would like to start.
- Every match will be ‘’’best out of 10’’. In case of a draw an extra round will be forced.

- All matches will be 3vs3. A substitute can always be switched in but not before one of the
teammates has left the room.

- Every single piece of equipment can be used, it is allowed to switch your equipment during
the match but at your risk for joining a round late.

- When a match becomes too passive, e.g. a team has camped for over a specific time, the
spectating admin will issue a warning. When this continues it is possible to be disqualified.

- Egoing or toxic language throughout the match will not be tolerated and can possibly result
in a disqualify.

- Be aware that our staff team will be spectating each and every tournament match. Breaking
any of the rules as stated in the ToS can result in a disqualify and possibly a ban. This includes
underclocking, force lagging and N-stepping ladies and gentlemen. ( UC is easy detectable

- also on low so don’t even try. If you know you got lagg issues that specific date, let the teams
substitute play.)

- Replays of held matches will be post and reviewed after the specific matches. If anything has
to be found that was missed by one of the admins, a match outcome can always be rerolled.

- If any match is delayed over 5 minutes due to a team not making it in time, the match will be
started with the players available at the time.

- Please be aware that every clan is limited to using 1 team.

Rewards are limited to following players:

1st place:

- Crown for 60 days
- Custom shotgun for 30 days
- VIP for 60 days (options: yellow, green, dark blue, pink, green, purple)
- 300 coins

2nd place:

- Custom shotgun for 30 days
- VIP for 30 days
- 200 coins

3rd place:

- VIP for 30 days
- 150 coins

Encouragement reward:

100 g coins and 7 days VIP will be given to all participants of the tournament after it’s ended.
(Top 3 excluded)
How to sign up:

Gunz Online The Last Duel

If you're experiencing any issues or have any questions pm me

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