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Gladiator: The final verdict on flip?

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Gladiator: The final verdict on flip?

Post by Searcher on Sun Sep 23, 2018 1:14 pm

So for a long time I thought flipping was cheap, but I have seen that once you reach a certain skill level that a player determined to only block (not recoil or massive) is very difficult to trip up. The potential for top tier trolling is there and I have seen it. At some point doing tricky patterns gets old.

Flip is of course the intended RPS answer.

So Flip is like a combination of grab and the combo system in fighting games. But most of those have an endpoint or some 'break out' solution, whereas flip juggling has that perfect juggle spot where you can hit them but they cannot hit you indefinitely.

I ran into a few people who had mastered this and while it is really difficult, it feels really bad to have control taken away for that long. Maybe I do not know what I am talking about and your facing can break it, but I mostly remember people using ugly tactics like screen shot to get out of jail free.

Flipping does however require some skill and I always recalled FFF feeling fair in insta lobbies.

So is I would say FFtW is fair.
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M2O GunZ Member

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Re: Gladiator: The final verdict on flip?

Post by Monk on Mon Sep 24, 2018 2:17 am

No such thing as mutual respect for only none flippers. Flipping is one of several commands on GUNZ.

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