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Current glad in this server

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Current glad in this server

Post by diamlababi on Wed Mar 21, 2018 12:03 pm

First off, im just gonna say that this opinion may not be favourable to some, but most glads would feel the same as me.

The current glad community in this server is made up of mostly peddlers and flippers, which i know is annoying to many glads but choose not to speak of it. Idk where the hell these players come from, its just been here since i started on this server a year ago and the situation hasnt changed one bit. Most decent glads i play with normally just ignore these players but i feel that that is one of the reasons why the glad in this community is somewhat getting worse by the day, until the point where u go in a glad duel room and the other guy just pedals with a piss sword and its annoying af when u tell the other guy that he's peddling and he just says 'lmao im just leading git gud'.

I just feel like we aren't doing the young community any justice, like maybe telling them that peddling is wrong and flipping is for twats. Some newbs just gets used to it after killing some 'pro' glad with those skills and thinks that those skills are actually good that will make them improve at the game. Sure u can pedal if u are REALLY a newb but what if youre already playing the game for like 2 years and still do those stuff, it just sucks balls to see people like that.

TLDR; the glad community here needs to improve, not in a skill way, but kinda like learning to play glad in a PROPER way

M2O GunZ Member
M2O GunZ Member

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Re: Current glad in this server

Post by zalib on Wed Mar 21, 2018 9:33 pm

So practice with the people who fight the way you want them to fight. I endorse playing to win based on strategy. If you can't win using what you are currently using on the enemy, change it. Want some tips on killing pedal? I can give you them. Want to know the worst way to improve? Complain about it a lot, ya know?

Think about it for a sec. What if all unfair advantages resulted in a person just whining about it and never overcoming it. We'll bring boxing into this. Lets say someone has greater reach then the other fight, who is mostly an in-fighter. The other just keeps abusing his range, making it very very hard for the other boxer to move in. Now, would it be appropriate for that boxer to complain to his coach, take it to the higher ups and force that boxer with the longer range to move in closer to make it "fair"?

No. No it wouldn't. Now take this situation. The other player does NOT have a range advantage. The reason you lose is because you can't figure out how to approach someone who does not approach. How do you get close to that? What if you didn't. Stalemate. Wait a bit. Watch what he does. Most times they will do this. They'll move side to side in the same god damn pattern over and over or they'll stand still and wait for you to get close to move back. Ok. Figure it out? Good. Now if he moves side to side, you want to attack with an advantage to YOU. Lesson time on the basics. What do you think would hit first. Jump dash slash block, or jump slash block? Lets say you rush him by dashing RIGHT at him from the ground in a straight line and jump slash block and he jump dash slash blocks. Thats fine. If you do do it where he is you'll probably fail.. but you just watched him for a bit. You now know his pattern. I mean, rushing in on these players is pretty dumb, don't you think? Do it to where he is going to end up. He SHOULD NOT be where you are currently attacking. But its fine. He will be there. You're either gonna hit him while hes DASHING or while he's BLOCKING. So what happens next? He either gets HIT, or he throws a massive. Now, he throws a massive. Cool. You just dashed right at him and jump slash blocked. So what position are you currently in? Blocking. You are blocking.

He just missed that mass. Enjoy your free 4 hits.

See how I did that? See how I analyzed what should be done to fight these people?

New players need to do that. That is how good players are made.

M2O: Gaming GameMaster
M2O: Gaming GameMaster

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Re: Current glad in this server

Post by diamlababi on Thu Mar 22, 2018 3:30 am

Its not about whether i can win them or not, or that im whining over here in the forums. The reason i posted this was cud the ratio of peddlers&flippers : actualGlads is really unbalanced right now. You can go to a TG and 8/10 of the people inside will prolly flip or pedal. And even if i could kill them it still annoys the hell out of me that i have to fight these kind of people all the time. You just dont get the satisfaction of playing properly with someone anymore. This needs to be changed otherwise all the decent glads will just leave or migrate to other servers and all this server ever will be are peddlers.

M2O GunZ Member
M2O GunZ Member

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Re: Current glad in this server

Post by Monk on Wed Mar 28, 2018 9:10 am

It's always been this way, "All decent Glads" most old school players have quited and few sticking around & (Returning for nostalgic purpose). Those most likely married have kids, successful in life or full time Bums on streets smoking pots. Flip is one of several commands in game,  it isn't disrespectful. it is however unfair and disrespectful to not allow your opponents to flip and expect them to play your game. A simple experienced gladiator should be able to counter flippers 95% of the time. There's always a counter to counter.

You just seem to cry wolf if you've been around GUNZ scene long enough you should know where the entire Gunz community stands both gun players and gladiators. Most remaining
experienced gladiators are already here migrated over from Fruit GUNZ. Your final bet would be to go play u**Gunz "Where beaners unite with 180+ ping" good luck on your journey finding what you're looking for just by a simple click.

Gunz Online The Last Duel

If you're experiencing any issues or have any questions pm me

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Re: Current glad in this server

Post by Lumos on Wed Mar 28, 2018 10:28 am

If flipping is enabled I'm going to flip the **** out of people. And then TBF the **** out of them. I fight to kill. I'm not going to ask wether you are one of those people that think they are part of some sort of Gladiator Cult. You shouldn't force some made up ''etiquette'' on people when there is no such thing. If you want to play with ''real'' gladiators (the ones you are talking about), make a private room for crying out loud. Never understood you guys.

M2O GunZ Member
M2O GunZ Member

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Re: Current glad in this server

Post by TokerJoker on Fri Mar 30, 2018 2:24 pm

Everyone has their own fighting style and it’s what make this game unique you have to adapt to others fighting styles if you can’t adapt to that style to win maybe you need more practice on going about certain players

M2O GunZ Member
M2O GunZ Member

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Re: Current glad in this server

Post by Sponsored content

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