hello guys..

This is just a little request for this community to grow and I'm not forcing you or anyone to do it but kinda think about it, I know I'm the shittiest player in the game so what you care for my words? I really don't mind If I hadn't do this but for everybody,newplayers in this server, or to the who just love this game tho they haven't learn any skills but still playing cause they like it,it's been so long and many of you guys reached the higher level but I think it's getting toxic seeing proplayers mean beating low levels in the deathmatch rooms or they are boosting kill records or what? do as a person pro players have guide themselves to not to kill noobs,low levels, skill less? and what do they earn for killing low lvls? if they known some k-style it's good to kill them if not why need to be bother? dude you can kill them with ease!!! what my really point here is that we should just avoid them and let them have fun and make this community more friendly and based on my observation our server is not growing because everybody else is being rude and cruel to new players,noob,skill less and to the one who plays just for fun giving them so much deaths or dominates them make them feel worthless or anything to stop playing on this server is not good to the community itself