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Suggestion (Premium Shop)

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Suggestion (Premium Shop)

Post by Kuriboh on Sat Oct 07, 2017 7:20 am

This probably has been brought up before but here's somethings I noticed about the shop (aside from the way its formatted)

-The male dog mask is labeled as (Sex: Female)

-Jungle Queen, Clan Leopard, & Junior Hipster (Male, & Female) Both don't have the correct "Sex". Both female sets being labeled as "1" and the male sets being labeled as "0"
-The Junior Hipster (Woman) has "lvll" instead of "lvl"

-The "Iron Crow" Male, & Female have 2 different levels. I don't believe its supposed to be that way if it is, if it is disregard this one. (Woman being level 7, and male being level 15 but keeping the same price, & stats).

-Unlike every other set how the genders correspond to the other, the "Gunners Heaven", & Ceremonial Dress" sets both have the female sets on page 20, while the male sets are on page 21. (When not using the male or female category for the item set part of the shop).

-The "Cursed Bandage Avatar" for male doesnt have the (Men) tag in its name (More appealing for the eye).

Disregard this one if you like, but i'm not sure why you have the Torso for the Angel, & Devil Sets on sale for 75 coins, when the entire set costs 75 (I'd suggest lowering the price of the torsos).

I know i'm a bit all over the place, but yeah those are just some suggestions on how to make the Premium Shop look more appealing while browsing it.

For everyone that actually read this I hope you have a wonderful Day/Afternoon/Night.

Signing Off.

Eternal Blue sets are level 15 ingame, but it says level 25 in shop.

M2O GunZ Member
M2O GunZ Member

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Re: Suggestion (Premium Shop)

Post by Ayukori on Mon Oct 09, 2017 9:59 am

there's a lot more wrong with the shop ^^
I hope Monk can one day trust one enough to help him fix all the issues.

#2.2: This occurs in several locations.
#6: the standalone Torso's have bigger wings than the ones that come with the set Wink

+ Singular items aren't added yet
+ Some items don't appear to have stats
+ Filtering does not function in many cases.
+ Event items don't warn players enough about the fact that they require event coins.

M2O GunZ Member
M2O GunZ Member

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Re: Suggestion (Premium Shop)

Post by Kuriboh on Mon Oct 09, 2017 2:13 pm

I didn't know about any of that. The things I pointed out are mostly just visual or just mistakes. The "updated" one I put I posted because I had just purchased that set and noticed ingame its level 15 which if I would've known I wouldn't of bought it (probably) XD

M2O GunZ Member
M2O GunZ Member

Posts : 6
Join date : 2017-09-22

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Re: Suggestion (Premium Shop)

Post by Sponsored content

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