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Tainted Clan Rules <3

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Tainted Clan Rules <3 Empty Tainted Clan Rules <3

Post by Tetsugiya on Sat Apr 30, 2016 10:33 pm

Just imagine a place where there is no judgement, where you are free from dictatorship and evil injustice. Now image that place within your own gaming community. Here at Blood we can provide all of that and so much more. Our dedication is to the satisfactory of our members; everyone, anyone just like you. We have eager players that are actively playing all platforms, because of this we encourage you to join our community and help us to achieve the clan we are striving for.

We are here to own, so let us be known.


Stay loyal to Blood, this implies no duel-clanning or ghosting. Violating these rules can result in termination immediately from the clan.

Blood is a gaming clan for mature gamers. Infractions will be given out to clan members who act childish and annoying. Infractions will also be given out to members who cause drama for Blood or other clan members.

Members of Blood are required to be registered and  strongly recommended to  be active on the game. Blood promotes communication with the clan.

Respect must be given to all clan members, it is critical for addressing another clan member. There is no tolerance for any form of bullying. This includes but will not be limited to age, disability, national origin, race, color, religion, or sexual harassment. If a member of Blood is caught bullying another clan member an infraction will be given. Enough infractions will result in banishment from Blood.

Members within Blood are asked to participate in at least two meeting every month. Members should participate with other clan members in all clan activities possible such as rallies, tournaments, or battles.

Clan members are accountable for themselves, what you put in is what you get out. Members are expected to finish any clan activity if applied for. Members are asked to report to a superior officer when summoned as soon as possible.

Never leave another member behind. To quit in the middle of a game because your team is not winning is not acceptable behavior. We win or loss as a team. This includes practices, tournaments, game-battles, and other clan activities.

Hacking, system tampering, controller tampering, or host-booting/kicking of Blood clan members or opponents, is unacceptable especially during events or matchmaking.

Blood has a open door policy to present any and all problems or ideas to a superior officer. A clan member should never go over their superiors' head to higher ranking clan member. Please respect your leaders.


Hai guys, it's your friendly neighborhood gamer! Join us and have an absolute blast!

Love, Amelia
Tainted Clan Rules <3 Sign
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M2O GunZ Member

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Tainted Clan Rules <3 Empty Re: Tainted Clan Rules <3

Post by Melodie on Fri Mar 31, 2017 10:10 pm

Sounds nice, good luck with that (:
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