List of updates/improvements for M2O gaming to implement into GunZ: The Last Duel

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List of updates/improvements for M2O gaming to implement into GunZ: The Last Duel

Post by Orijjinal on Mon Feb 22, 2016 1:06 pm

Note: This list may be updated

Hello M2O gaming and community. Thank you for bringing back the ijji experience of official GunZ!
I would like to bring you a list of suggested updates/things still missing from our current build so that you may look at them and hopefully update the system. I know that all these suggestions are do-able because I have seen the implemented in other servers so let's get on it!

Premium shop items missing:

  • Lvl 55 Heart Enchantment (Giston, Canopus, Enia, Winscar)

Medal shop items missing. Remember the medal shop? There were some pretty nice items in here and we don't have them in our version. Here are a just a few of those items from memory:

  • Umbrella Sword

  • Eternity Pact Ring

  • Monster Hands

  • Avatars (Wolf, Flame, Batman, Shadow Suit, etc)

The medal shop used to utilize a 'time played' token to allow players to collect medals. I think this would be difficult to implement so I suggest just putting these items into the event shop. Please refer to Servers: GunZ Ultra, and Artic GunZ to see these items.
Latest MAIET build items; ijji didn't last this long but MAIET pushed out a few more updates that included some cool new gear. Again I know this is possible to add since I've seen it on other servers. Here are some of those items from memory:

  • HOG rider set

  • Madness (Ultra gunz: Locura) MG

  • Stronghold (Ultra gunz: Fortaleza) SMG

  • Gorilla Avatar

  • Desert Soul Avatar

Please refer to the servers: GunZ Ultra and universegunz to see these items. Game modes/features:

  • Challenge Quest: I used to think it was impossible to port this but I've seen it done so I believe in you to bring it here! Please refer to servers: GunZ Ultra and Freestyle GunZ to see this mode

  • Gladiator Clan War: epic fun

  • Anti-lead. Not by default but as a gameroom option. Many players prefer anti-lead and keeping the option open is always good. All modern games have this and I can only imagine ijji would have added this eventually to help laggers as we can see from Ultra GunZ. Kgunz doesn't need anti-lead since they are all low ping around 20 to each other. PLEASE add it

  • Permanent whispers: when someone whispers you and you are in-game, it can easily be missed or lost. Having the whisper print into the lobby means when you exit from a game the whisper history is there to see.
    Please refer to Server: universegunz to see this

Other/General Bugs:

  • Fix Gifting on webshop

  • Make a dedicated installer that installs the game to C:/ directory and adds launcher to the desktop

  • When playing in higher resolutions (e.g 1080p), we cannot see all the players in lobby (it shows 4 or 5 per page instead of 6/7). Even after pressing the arrow down button, we still cannot see all players (sometimes the arrow down down button doesnt even work). On ijji it seems the font was slightly smaller so you could see all players

  • FPS Limit Glitchy: I have seen players getting 600+ frames when they capped it at 400. I also had to select 315 just to get the desired 250.

  • Keep individual ranking on homepage up to date with the live ranking

  • Make in-game ranking work and be live with real time leaderboards instead of showing ' - ' next to ranking tab under K/D in gameroom

  • Please keep ijji-esque webpage.. looks so much nicer

Cheers !

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Re: List of updates/improvements for M2O gaming to implement into GunZ: The Last Duel

Post by Monk on Tue Feb 23, 2016 2:26 am

Thanks for your suggestions, please note that, upcoming updates will conclude most of these items. Please be patient.

Gunz Online The Last Duel

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